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The Unbeetable Experience

We are so excited to kick off a new year with a perfect workamping job that rewards you with great pay, lots of fun,

and many great memories that will last you a lifetime.

We bring in workampers from across the United States every Fall to assist American Crystal Sugar Company

with their annual sugar beet harvest.

Travel and earn up to $3,700 by working a short 10-15 day working season!

Are you ready to be part of our “unbeetable” experience? Benefits include:

  • Premium Pay Weekends
  • Stay Pay
  • Season Completion Bonus
  • Camping Fees are Paid
  • NOT Working in the Fields

What Is It Like?

“The beet harvest is an experience. Yes, you work hard, you get dirty, and sometimes the weather is uncooperative, but the people you meet are among the best. The money is great, and the season is not too long. It’s great to spend a month or so in a new area and support the local businesses, see new things, and learn something entirely new that you never thought would be interesting.  It is what you make it. It’s a workamping job where you meet some of the best people, and you make lifelong friends. That to me is the best part of the job.”

Other Workamping Job Opportunities

As TheUnbeetableExperience we also offer other great workamping job opportunities.

Need something before harvest? Come now and work indoors at Digi-Kamp! Have the opportunity to work and in your free time camp, fish, canoe, and more.

Get ready for…

Tons of

on the road

Money Making


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The Harvest Kicks Off In

What people are saying

“We have been working for Express Employment since 2014. Our experience at the sugar beet harvest has been very rewarding. We have found the staff at Express as well as the Workampers to be so much fun to work with and look forward to seeing them every year.”